Prairie Dogs

Today we started with a little shopping tour in Canmore. Now, our souvenirs are totally finished
Then we went on to Drumheller, the city of dinosaurs.
Suddenly, the landscape changed quickly. There where no big mountains just some hills left. We could see the Rocky Mountains behind us.
Then we saw a lot of farms and some oil industry.
But the landscape changed again. We drove to Horseshoe Canyon. I wanted to ask, where the canyon is... but suddenly there was kind of a big hole in the landscape: the canyon.
There, I got to know those funny friends:

Prairie Dogs

12.6.13 13:24

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Ria (13.6.13 08:28)
I think that´s me. He looks like me...
Yes, i´m sure... :-)

Dirk (13.6.13 09:50)
Der ist ja cool, bringt ihr mir den mit😀

Bella (14.6.13 06:54)
No, I don't think so. But I found an animal which is like you. You will see...

@Dirk: they are too fast

Mami (14.6.13 10:45)
Sieht so unschuldig aus. Kann niemals Ria sein. Schmunzel , schmunzel ...

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