Johnston Canyon

This picture was also taken at Johnston Canyon. You cannot see much of the canyon and also no waterfalls, but I think, this tree is funny

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Bella likes squirrels

Our next stop was Johnston Canyon.
And because I really like squirrels, here is another one. That's a gold manteled ground squirrel.

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face to face

When we went to Mistaya Canyon we saw...

... what do you think?

of course... it's a bear.. again

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like yesterday

First, we wanted to have a closer look on Nordegg. Piet told me that it is (was) a mine town. So we wanted to see the historic site. Unfortunately, there were just a few houses left - they were quite destroyed, the windows were closed with boards. Very unspectacular.
Afterwards we tried to find some mines. But either the road was closed or the street was too bad to drive on it. Again very unspectacular.
But then we started to see some animals aproximately like yesterday.
First we saw not a wolf, but two coyotes
Afterwards we saw again a bear and then some bighorn-sheeps, but this time some female ones.

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Abraham Lake

To go to Nordegg, where is our hotel for tonight, we had to take the highway 11.
We nearly drove alone there. There were maybe three or five others cars on round about 60km. But the landscape was nice. We alway had a panoramic view. And we even saw some whitetail deers eating nearby the street.
Then we saw a lake. We drove into a little street which ended in this lake. Because this part of the lake was dry we could walk around there.
When we went on we noticed that we drive along the lake. And then we also noticed a lot of rain in the clouds.

What you can see here is not a bad picture. It's that much rain in the clouds that the clouds seemed to be shadows. But the lake was still coloured in turquoise.
Concerning the weather... today was the worst day.

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a lot of snow

Before arriving at the glacier, I took that picture:

There was that much snow on the mountain and it looks like an avalanche.

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Another bear

We didn't know what to visit, except the glacier again. We went on, but we had to stop very quickly.
A bear … again.

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