Hollywood Suite

That's where we sleep tonight:
The Hollywood Suite in our Bed&Breakfast which is called 'Taste the past'. It's a very nice house which is made of brick (which is not typical of Canada) and it is 100 years old.
Tomorrow we want to visit the museum and have fun with dinosaurs

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Hoo Doos

A very typical thing for this canyon landscape are Hoo Doos you can see on the picture.
They were formed by rain and wind and look very funny

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Prairie Dogs

Today we started with a little shopping tour in Canmore. Now, our souvenirs are totally finished
Then we went on to Drumheller, the city of dinosaurs.
Suddenly, the landscape changed quickly. There where no big mountains just some hills left. We could see the Rocky Mountains behind us.
Then we saw a lot of farms and some oil industry.
But the landscape changed again. We drove to Horseshoe Canyon. I wanted to ask, where the canyon is... but suddenly there was kind of a big hole in the landscape: the canyon.
There, I got to know those funny friends:

Prairie Dogs

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again some Bighorn sheeps

When we went on, we saw again some bighorn sheeps.

Well, I think they are everywhere

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Minnewanka Lake

Our motel for tonight is in Canmore, which is not far away from Banff. So we decided to check out the area around.
Fist, we drove to a mountain which is a sking area.
Then we went to some lakes. The Minnewanka Lake and the Johnson Lake.
Here you can see the Minnewanka Lake. It's nothing special but again turquoise water

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Banff Town

Because we slept in Banff last night, we decided to have a relaxed day. We just walked through the streets of Banff which are full of souvenir shops.
Banff is a nice town. But there are also a lot of tourists

Here you can see my lovely Old Spaghetti Factory.

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Piet and me

That's also at Johnston Canyon. But there, we were nearby the Upper Falls.
And the picture is not of bad quality, but the falls water was spreading all around and also on my camera. But it was funny there

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