Calgary Airport

We tried to spend as much time as possible, but now it's 3pm and we're sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to go home to you!

Waiting and waiting and waiting and ...

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The day has come.. we will fly home.
Because we had to return our car at 3pm we just made a short tour through Calgary. But when we saw the prices for parking, we didn't want to see Calgary anymore
Parking costs at least 20$. That's too much. SO we just visited the Fort Calgary (which contains free parking) and then we went to a mall to have a bite and spend some time with anything.

This is Calgary downtown. It's a quite busy city. But when your not in the city centre you see a lot of family houses and gardens and so on.

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Dear participants!

The right answer was: Tyrannosaurus Rex

We have a winner: Dirk

And your win is a Kentrosaurus which is 5m long! Congratulations!

He was the first one who gave the right answer.

But I have to give also some booby prices. Because there was also Supermami who gave the right answer and it wasn't possible for her to be the first (doctor).
And there was also Ria who was very creative with her answer.

The award ceremony will be on 15th June in Kaulsdorf.
So be present for your present


08:17h - Ria: Albertosaurus

09:23h - Dirk: tyrannosaurus rex

10:50h - Mami: Tyranosaurus Rex

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Atlas Coal Mine

What you can see here is so to say the entrance of this mine. We had to go upstairs (you can see the stairs in the background) and then hiking up the tunnel which ends in the mountain.
While being in the tunnel we also switched off the lights and it was that dark! It remembered me when went to the Horn Lake Caves.
The guide told us a lot of interesting things about the mountains and the coal inside, about the mine and its workers.
When we were on the top of this mountain we had a great view.
All in all this tour was a lot of fun and also interesting history

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Tunnel Tour

Yesterday we found out that you can make some tours through the old Atlas Coal Mine. SO we decided to do one today.
We wanted to do the Tunnel Tour which is described like this:
"Put on a miners’ lamp and go up the underground! Follow in the footsteps of the miners, in one end, and out the other. Emerge high in the scenic badlands, and step into the Atlas #3 Mine Portal."
I was very interested in doing this tour.
And we did so:

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This is Dino of the Flintstones Family. It's quite funny. Wherever you go in Drumheller, it is full of dinosaurs. Some sitting on a bench or standing between flowers and also a very big one (about 86 ft) at the visitors centre which is a viewing point where you can see Drumheller.

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Royal Tyrrell Museum

Our plan for today was quite strict. Because we wanted to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum which is a very famous Dinosaur Museum and also the Atlas Coal Mine.
We had breakfast at 08:30 so that we are early in the museum.
The museum was really very interesting. They had a lot of bones and material to explain history and life of dinosaurs.

And now, attention!

Because it is our last day, I have a little quiz for you:

Who knows the name of this dinosaur? The winner gets a little prize!!!

Please use the contact formular to send me your answer.


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